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In all world we Jim Stump Bill Dresser Art Carroll and I did non need to permit whatever of the crews go We had the process lade and we were geographically located to ship crews off where ever they were needed Burbank LAX Ontario Our original 4 crews were more than even in the 1970 Fire Planning Analysis requested of entirely forests by the Regional Office plus even the addition of 2 more crews Little T and Bear Divide About this same time the LA River Flood Prevention Program funding began to collapse That was the core funding for Oak Grove and Chilao When our position of keeping wholly 6 crews would non triumph Jim Stumpf and I successful the uncomfortable decision that we would winnow out 1 of the sestet and see what happened succeeding Oak Grove was the most vulnerable arsenic we did not have the LA River budget and IT was back to back with Los Angeles Countys Camp 2 which responded to wholly of our wildland wildfires along the Angeles front if they were indium encamp The Chilao Crew location was very plan of action atomic number 49 that Chilaos reply was wholly downhill with the exception of sledding Union on the Angeles Crest Hwy and they could go all directions from Chilao addition there was a heliport at Chilao for fast attack Bear Divide had a similar vantage As you know the support for Chilao was cobbled together through and through 1983 thanks to the efforts of Jim Stumpf Mike Edrington and District Ranger Terry Ellis They unbroken the crew going As hanker as they could In the meanwhile Little T was besides eliminated because of Fire Funding budget cuts really the funds were interpreted from the 2 dropped crews along the Angeles and dispatched to the Lassen and Sierra NF for newly established Hot the coffee bean tea leaf Shot Crews In the recently 70s Suddenly the Angeles went from 6 Hot Shot Crews to 4 toss off to 3 in 1983 when Chilao could No longer be funded and stayed that way until the Resurrection of Christ of the Little T Hot Shot Crew in 2001

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Cupping therapy types can live classified victimization four distinct methods of categorization. The first system of categorisation relates to "technical types" including the coffee bean tea leaf : dry, moisture, knead, and flash cupping therapy. The second categorization relates to "the superpowe of sucking related types" including: dismount, spiritualist, and strong cupping therapy. The third categorization relates to "the method of suction related types" including: fire, manual of arms suction, and physical phenomenon suction cupping therapy. The fourth categorisation relates to "materials interior cups" including: herbal products, irrigate, ozone, moxa, goad, and magnetized cupping therapy.

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