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Was soh mad when this was offered for reexamine and couldn't wait to get information technology. It is vitamin A pleasant simple machine non overly grabie for counter space either. Read all instruction manual and set up to sit belt down to top coffee table my first potty of coffee but did not happen. What I got was nearly 1/3 stool of java, ok so went back off to instructions afterward unplugging and cooling the machine down and time-tested IT once more with even worsened results only 1/4 OR to a lesser extent this clock..ok maybe you take to break it atomic number 49 brewing a 1 transfuse which I did with nobelium issues and A reasonable transfuse of java. I don't care to give in upward so decided to make antiophthalmic factor 3rd pot of java and well that did non end up any better than the other 2. Unplugged it when IT cooled down I put IT back atomic number 49 the package and its ready for trash day. To be true I did maintain what coffee was left wing. I know this company can do soh much ameliorate maybe I just got a stinker.

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